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The 2021 EMTN Base Prospectus

So long as any of the Senior Notes remains outstanding... there is no assurance that any particular Tranche of Notes will be so admitted... As a consequence, part of the capital invested by the Noteholder may be lost on any transfer of the Notes, so that the Noteholder in such case would not receive the total amount of the capital invested.

Q1 2018 - Transcript EN

So, do you have any colour on the expected timing of the tariff regulation and any quantification regarding the potential positive impact actually for EDF... So, have you started looking to work on such a scenario ?Have you had exchanges with the government on the matter? Any colour would be appreciated.

The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q1 2021

Certainly, if any agreement with the European Commission might slip until after summer; I wonder if you can give us any colour on that... Therefore, could we in the meantime have just a regulatory reform happen on the nuclear side in this agreement with Brussels, whilst any corporate reform could then be delayed until after the election.

Transcription de la présentation aux investisseurs et analystes HY 2021 (en anglais)

So, very similar to what we did for the 900 MW reactors back in 2016... So, we are on track to achieve our ambition of 60 GW net renewable capacity, so this is net 60 GW, including hydro, by 2030... So, we are one of the great providers of charging stations... First, it is the first ever social hybrid bond in the world to be issued by a corporate player and at the same time it is the first social bond issued by any company in the" utility" sector. 4 EDF.

Téléchargez le transcript de la conférence (en Anglais)

Sylvia Pfeifer -Financial Times So you are liable for any extra costs? Vincent de Rivaz The construction cost is one of the key responsibilities that we are taking and we are convinced that we are equipped to take it. It will be shared by all the equity partners.

Q3 2018 - Transcript FR

We did so in several ways... the so called Plan Lumière 4 0 project... So the overall 19TWh increase in sales volumes is mainly reflected in net market sales... So just to tell you that at the end of October 2018... which is in any case, you can see... I just wanted to see whether there is a new piece in the news flow, if you had any comments, are you involved in the process, in your mind what are they ultimately trying to achieve.

S1 2019 - Transcript EN

So we will have to wait until But I cannot make any more 14 Half... So as you know, we fully confirmed our guidances, but we have not considered any catch-up, so for 2019. expectations.

The 2019 EMTN Base Prospectus

so long as Notes are admitted to trading on any Regulated Market in accordance with the Prospectus Regulation... So long as any of the Notes remains outstanding... or keep any interest, or, where so provided under national law... that 14 Risk Factors any particular Tranche will be so admitted... While it is the intention of the Issuer to apply the proceeds of any Notes so specified for eligible projects in.

The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q3 2020

By convention, the estimated Covid- 19 impact does not include any price effect... The so called "other elements" were many attributable to weather effects in regulated activities. 2020 GUIDANCE AND MEDIUM TERM OUTLOOK Let' s move to slide 23... So, the first one: may we ask, following the Ecology Minister' s testimony to the National Assembly, what do you see as the main issue remaining for the resolution of this nuclear reform to be approved by the EU.

Transcript of the press conference organised to accompany the publication of a press release on the Flamanville 3 project - 9 October 2019

The latter are currently being trained on the welding procedures so as to fully respond to the most stringent quality requirements... So, this is an important moment for our industry... So, we are maintaining our plan B, which we continue to work on, so as not to waste time if ever the robot plan is not approved.

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