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Download the EDF Code of conduct - Ethics & Compliance - July 2021

In the event of doubts or queries about whether or not information can be classed as" inside information", or any other question, contact the EDF Group Legal Division... check with the Legal Division whether the transaction requires prior authorisation from the competition authorities... check with the Legal Division whether the measure can be categorised as State aid.

Download the Ethics and Compliance the code of conduct

check with the Legal Affairs Division whether... check with the Legal Affairs Division whether the measure Ñ÷ óþ°ÝÑ ÄÀ ° ÷ Hü°üÄ ° ÑÀ ÐÑ1 4Ð çþÝÀ ôÄóþÑôÄ ° ÷ñÄ1 4Ñ 1 4 ñôç1 4ÄÀþôÄ üç" Ä followed.

The 2021 EMTN Base Prospectus

The relevant final terms (the" Final Terms (")a form of which is contained herein for Senior Notes and Subordinated Notes respectively) in respect of the issue of any Notes will specify whether... including as to whether or not such credit ratings are issued by credit rating agencies established in the European Union.

Report by the Chairman of EDF Board of Directors on corporate governance and internal control procedures

Branch or regional level, the organizational structure of the Legal Affairs Division is based on that of the EDF Group. Every year, the Group' s Audit Division will audit the selfappraisal and the corresponding internal control procedures for one third of the entities concerned... Overall coherence is managed by the Group' s Information Systems Division which coordinates the IS department through common policies.

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