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EDF_Comptes consolidés_2020

COMPTES CONSOLIDÉS AU 31 DÉCEMBRE 2020 COMPTE DE RÉSULTAT CONSOLIDÉ (en millions d' euros) Chiffre d' affaires Achats de combustible et d' énergie Autres consommations externes (2) Charges de personnel Impôts et taxes Autres produits et charges opérationnels Excédent brut d' exploitation...

The EMTN 2013 base prospectus

or more issue dates and on terms otherwise identical (or identical other than in respect of the first payment of interest... or date of redemption thereof or (b) fails to pay interest in respect of the Notes of the relevant Series... Issue Specific Summary -22- Summary Element Title Issue Price: per cent. of the Aggregate Nominal Amount[ plus accrued interest from[ insert date] (if applicable) Specified Denominations: Status of the Notes.

EMTN n° 33

(ii) Interest Commencement Date... Applicable 1 875 per cent. per annum (payable annually in arrear on each Interest 176375- 4- 20170- v4. 0- 2- 36- 40637670 Execution version Payment Date() ii) Interest Payment Dates.

EMTN n°27

Interest Commencement Date: 8. 9. Maturity Date... Applicable 4 75 per cent. per annum (payable annually in arrear on each Interest Payment Date) 6 April 2016 and thereafter on 6 October in each year up to and including the Maturity Date U. S. $ 9 500 per U S $ 200 000 in Nominal Amount from and including 6 October 2016 (ii) Interest Payment Dates.

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