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2019 Convening notice comprising the draft resolutions

having reviewed the reports of the Board of Directors as well as the report of the Statutory Auditors on the annual financial statements... having reviewed the report of the Board of Directors as well as the report of the Statutory Auditors on the annual financial statements. Yours faithfully, 08 09 10 MEETING AGENDA REPORT OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS ON THE DRAFT RESOLUTIONS DRAFT RESOLUTIONS 21 28 29 30 31 HOW TO ATTEND THE SHAREHOLDERS' MEETING EXERCISING YOUR RIGHTS BY INTERNET EXERCISING YOUR RIGHTS BY POST REQUESTING INFORMATION Jean.

Information at end 2014 presented in the Reference Document

Pursuant to Article 28 of the European Commission Regulation (EC) no. 809 / 2004, the following information is incorporated by reference into this Reference Document... A monthly reporting package containing information on the balance sheet and income statement accounts has been used since 2011 .This has made it possible to anticipate the recognition of complex operations and helped make balance sheet flows more reliable.

The Inspector General's report on Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection - 2020

Yet, there have been numerous cases (8) of external contamination wherein 25 % of the annual regulatory limit was exceeded each time. Abréviations IGSNR Report 2020 04 -Industrial safety and radiation protection... In addition, the local independent nuclear safety oversight teams and the Nuclear Inspectorate rarely assess the training and skills of staff, which are, for example rarely mentioned in the nuclear power plants' annual safety reports.

Management report

EDF GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2005 MANAGEMENT REPORT 3 EDF / Management Report 2005 EDF 1... Subject to approval by the shareholders at the general annual meeting of June 9, 2006. 28 EDF / Management Report 2005 Social and environmental information 2.

Sustainable development report

EDF GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2005 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 2. EDF / Sustainable Development Report 2005 Fundamentals Contents Chairman' s statement Sustainable Development Panel Global Compact principles. EDF initiatives in 2005 Commitments and achievements 2005 EDF at a glance Renewing and sharing commitments with all stakeholders Working together to fulfill commitments Partnering for results Promoting social responsibility Managing local issues Ensuring safety Minimizing our environmental footprint Ensuring the comfort and safety of local populations Promoting social cohesion and regional development Our planet.

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