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Sustainable development indicators


Management report

EDF GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2005 MANAGEMENT REPORT 3 EDF / Management Report 2005 EDF 1... Subject to approval by the shareholders at the general annual meeting of June 9, 2006. 28 EDF / Management Report 2005 Social and environmental information 2.

Sustainable development report

EDF GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2005 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 2. EDF / Sustainable Development Report 2005 Fundamentals Contents Chairman' s statement Sustainable Development Panel Global Compact principles. EDF initiatives in 2005 Commitments and achievements 2005 EDF at a glance Renewing and sharing commitments with all stakeholders Working together to fulfill commitments Partnering for results Promoting social responsibility Managing local issues Ensuring safety Minimizing our environmental footprint Ensuring the comfort and safety of local populations Promoting social cohesion and regional development Our planet.

Financial Report 2005

EDF GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2005 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 3 EDF / Financial Statements 2005 Financial statements Consolidated financial statements at December 31, 2005 Statutory auditors' report on the consolidated financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2005 EDF' s summary corporate financial statements at December 31, 2005 5 111 114 4 EDF /.

EDF's summary annual financial statements at December 31, 2009

EDF' s summary annual financial statements at December 31, 2009 The information in this report contains the most significant and user-relevant figures only... 22- 30 avenue de Wagram 75382 Paris Cedex 08 .136 ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS EDF 2009 FINANCIAL REPORT Contents Income statements... 148 4 EDF 2009 FINANCIAL REPORT ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 137 EDF' s summary annual financial statements NB.

Report Activity & Sustainable Development 2008

EDF GROUP 2008 ANNUAL REPORT EDF GROUP 2008 ANNUAL REPORT Leading the energy change Changer l' énergie ensemble World population is expected to reach 8 4 billion by 2030 Source... 2008 ANNUAL REPORT Médiathèque EDF... Excluding provision for TaRTAM. EDF GROUP- 2008 ANNUAL REPORT 3 Médiathèque EDF- Alexandre SARGOS CHAIRMAN' S STATEMENT PIERRE GADONNEIX Our industrial and sales strategies are designed to make EDF the catalyst of change in the industry.

Report Activity & Sustainable Development 2007

EDF WORLDWIDE 16 17 EDF- 2007 ANNUAL REPORT Key figures 2007 2007 GROUP SALES In billion Altitude performance program (2005 2007. Targets were exceeded by more than with a 1 2 billion impact on EBITDA.

Financial Report 2009

EDF, ERDF and RTE EDF Transport are working with the State to prepare a new public service agreement. EDF AND ERDF The EDF workforce reported includes a percentage of" mixed" personnel who work for both EDF and Gaz de France Suez. As in 2008, the 2009 workforce does not include company doctors, people employed under various social measures and apprentices, i. e. a total of 2 972 persons at EDF and 1 567 persons at ERDF at December 31, 2009.

Financial Report 2008

internal control and risk management procedures and Statutory Auditors' Report (p... 2007 (1) March 31 (in millions of pounds sterling) Revenues EBITDA Net profit for the period attributable to shareholders (1) Fiscal year ended March 31. 2008 (1) 2 811 882 335 2 999 1 221 465 EDF 2008 FINANCIAL REPORT CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 37 Consolidated financial statements 4 2 Constellation Energy Group (CEG) EDF has also contributed $ 150 million to the reimbursement of certain transaction costs.

Financial Report 2010

121 2010 Management report... the report by the Ethics advisor... -EDF 2010 MANAGEMENT REPORT 1... Social indicators The social indicators are prepared for this report on the basis of a glossary of definitions drawn up in 2010... The meetings are the subject of written minutes and a report by the Chairman of the Committee to the Board of Directors.

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