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EDF inaugure un nouveau dispositif de financement de kits de production solaire décentralisée" Diaspora Énergie by EDF" .Projets off grid En partenariat avec des entrepreneurs locaux. EDF propose une production et des services électriques décentralisés qui privilégient les énergies propres.

The 2018 EMTN Base Prospectus

Similarly, power generated by wind power or solar plants depends on wind conditions or hours of sunshine at the sites where such facilities are installed (see section 1 4 1 5 3 "New renewable energies" of the 2017 Document de Référence. The service activities may themselves depend on peak periods, in winter and in summer.

CP - IZI by EDF lance de nouvelles offres

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE 5 mars 2020 PLUS DE CONFORT ET DES FACTURES D' ÉNERGIE RÉDUITES GRACE AUX NOUVELLES OFFRES D' IZI BY EDF POUR LA MAISON ET LE VEHICULE Avec sa marque de services de proximité IZI by EDF... Concrètement, IZI by EDF propose désormais des solutions clé en mains pour l' isolation, le chauffage, la mobilité électrique et l' énergie solaire.

The share buyback programme authorised by the Ordinary General Meeting of 20 May 2009

-to ensure the liquidity of EDF' s shares through an investment services provider under a liquidity agreement complying with the ethics charter recognized by the French financial market Authority (AMF... Throughout 2009 financial year, the stand by fee paid by EDF pursuant to the liquidity agreement amounted to 150 000.

Join us in Africa

accounting systems and billing recovery....) A concession covering a quarter of the country managed by Énergie Rurale Africaine (EDF. Matforce subsidiary) Feasibility study for a Ghana.

The press release

the onshore wind energy specialist, by EDF Énergies Nouvelles Alliance with the consortium led by Masdar to develop the third phase of an 800MW solar park in Dubai Commissioning of projects... Sales of EDF Énergies Nouvelles remained stable- (0 4 % in organic terms,) reflecting unfavourable wind conditions in France and in the United Kingdom, offset by new commissionings, in particular in the United States at the end of 2016.

Join us in Africa

ALGERIA participation in a gas production field (Reggane) DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO technical and environmental feasibility study for the Inga dam project on the River Congo SENEGAL project management assistance to Senelec for the refurbishment of their power generation assets and training for their trainers creation of a national utility load dispatcher a concession covering a quarter of the country managed by Énergie Rurale Africaine (EDF Matforce, subsidiary created in 2011.

Information at end 2014 presented in the Reference Document

followed by a squeeze out of minority shareholders... Another company has also been formed... 6 3 3 Other International 1 Installed capacity MW % 11 84 1 4 100 The table below sets out the installed capacities and outputs of the EDF group by segment at year-end 2014 2... EDF Renewable Services experienced a 27 % growth rate across North America mostly due to robust business development activities in Canada in the solar photovoltaic sector growing the business here by 237MW (170 %.) Electricity and gas businesses In North America.

Q1 2018 - Appendices EN

after the success enjoyed in Côte d' Ivoire (15 000 installations so far) The offer Mon Soleil & Moi by EDF Énergies Nouvelles Réparties To facilitate access developing countries The solar kit by ZECI. the Ivorian joint venture of EDF and OGE (1() 2) to electricity in Through equity investments and partnerships Please refer to the press release published by EDF on 27 March 2018 Q1 2018 SALES 10 Consolidated sales Strategy & investments Operating data France International and other activities Markets JAITAPUR Jaitapur project The EDF Group has been involved in civil nuclear cooperation between France and India since 2010.

URD 2018 including the Half-Year financial report at 30 june 2019

incorporates by reference the EDF Group' s 2018 Regist ration Document filed with the AMF on 15 March 2019 under number D- 19- 057 (the 2018 Registration Document) https://www.edf.fr/sites/default/files/contrib/groupe-edf/espacesdedies/espace-finance-fr/informations-financieres/informations-reglementees/document-de-reference/edf-ddr-2018-fr.pdf, and updates the sections required in accordance with applicable regulation.

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