The three fields of action of the Foundation

The actions of the EDF Group Foundation fall into three areas which correspond to pressing issues: climate, society and democracy.

environnement - éducation - inclusion



In line with its commitment to preserve biodiversity and fight against global warming, the Foundation supports educational and awareness-raising projects related to environmental issues, to training in sustainable practices, and community initiatives to protect and restore biodiversity in natural areas.


Only through education can each and every one reach their full potential and build their future. The Foundation supports projects in favour of equal opportunities designed to reduce social and geographic inequalities. Thanks to the exhibitions and events scheduled in its Cultural Centre, the Foundation wishes to helpenlighten citizens, who may then analyse the world with the right tools and act accordingly, decipher information with a critical mind, and use social media in a reasoned manner.


In order to help each and every one find their place in society and fight poverty, the Foundation supports projects that foster the social and professional inclusion of vulnerable populations, as well as international energy access projects in developing countries.