Waste associated with oil and gas activities

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Waste associated with oil and gas activities

Waste generated by oil and gas activities is:

  • residual sludge from drilling operations
  • aqueous solution produced by drilling operations

Relative to other Group activities, gas activities generate very little waste apart from residual water from gas extraction, which is classified as non-hazardous waste.

EDISON Unit 2016 2015 2014
Hazardous waste t 520 530 827
Non-hazardous waste t 1,098 783 446
Total conventional waste t 1,618 1,313 1,273
Recycled conventional industrial waste t 206 261 65

At the San Giorgio Mare operations site, and in line with regulations, residue is treated on site at the Santa Maria a Mare field. Since this waste is not transported outside the exploration site, it is not included in the non-hazardous conventional waste figures. For information purposes, these amounts came to 14,360 t in 2014, 14,169 t in 2015 and 12,378 t in 2016.