Suppliers and responsible purchasing

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Suppliers and responsible purchasing

EDF Group’s Purchasing Department applies a responsible approach in EDF’s business activities and Group companies with a view to taking the following factors into account at every stage of the purchasing process:

  • the environmental impact of purchasing decisions;
  • the social aspects of the supply chain;
  • the economic impact of the purchasing decision on the company, its environment and its suppliers.

Several types of action are implemented across all EDF’s business lines, such as carrying out sustainable development/corporate social responsibility audits at the premises of suppliers and service providers to ensure that commitments are being met.

Number of sustainable development/CSR assessments completed

In 2016, EDF group’s Purchasing Department carried out 603 sustainable development/corporate social responsibility assessments ( compared with 186 in 2015, 129 in 2014 and 60 in 2013) in the form of 573 self-assessment questionnaires and 30 audits based on the mapping of CSR risks by purchasing segment.

The objective is for all suppliers doing business worth more than €400,000(1) with EDF to complete a questionnaire by the end of 2017. At the end of 2016, 50% of this target was met.

2016 breakdown of types of assessment

(1) Suppliers doing business worth more than €400,000 relative to one or several purchasing segments with strong, medium or low CSR risks.