Social integration and employment

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Group commitment to social integration

The Group has set up an ambitious work-study policy, which serves as a continuously renewed social ladder.

Work-study is considered an essential means of developing the social integration of young people and the long-term unemployed, and giving them access to training and qualifications.

In conjunction with organisations supporting integration, some workstudy programmes are aimed specifically at particularly disadvantaged young people. These programmes prepare them so that they can gain an access-level professional qualification.

Cooperative efforts with local and regional employment and training players (second-chance schools, local branches of the national adult training organisation AFPA, vocational training institutions, etc.) aim to help young people from priority districts into long-term jobs.

Through its policy of allocating apprenticeship tax and contributions, EDF group helps fund organisations supporting social integration (second-chance schools, vocational training institutions, etc.).

Fonds Agir Pour l’Emploi EDF (FAPE)

FAPE EDF forms part of EDF group’s patronage policy to support solidarity, specifically covering social integration and employment. The fund provides financial aid for projects that work to integrate and employ people in difficulty: organisations supporting integration through economic activity (integration schemes, neighbourhood development centres, etc.) and the creation of businesses by the longterm unemployed.

FAPE EDF is a scheme jointly run by Group companies, the EDF Foundation and union organisations. It is jointly managed and financed primarily through donations from 14,092 current and retired EDF group employees, i.e. €791,000 collected, with each donation matched with a 200% contribution from the companies).

In 2016, 286 social integration through work projects for people in difficulty were supported, with grants totalling €2.4 million. These helped create and consolidate over 3,300 jobs.

Actions at Fonds Agir pour l’emploi

2016 2015
Number of projects supported 286 280
Number of jobs created and consolidated over 3.300 3.300
Grants awarded (in millions of euros) 2.4 2.2