Safety indicators

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Safety indicators

Since January 2014, the Group’s health and safety policy has set out a joint framework for the policies of the different subsidiaries and their action plans. The Group policy is applied in every company controlled by EDF Group, in every country where EDF operates, and concerns all its own employees as well as those of subcontractors working at EDF facilities or in its offices. A Group-wide health and safety review is conducted annually.

In 2015, at the first Group-wide annual review, the major health and safety issues to be included in the CAP 2030 strategy were defined. The Group aims to eradicate fatal accidents, reduce the number of accidents and combat absenteeism. These goals for the coming years are pursued by all Group companies.

In 2016, health and safety was an integral part of the Group’s CSR goals, under which it will apply the best practices of industrial groups in terms of human resource development.

The Group’s accident frequency rate continued to improve in 2016 on a comparable structure basis (number of workplace accidents involving at least one lost day, counted during the current year, per million hours worked).

Employee accident frequency rate

* The 2015 frequency rate covers seven new companies integrated by EDF Luminus and Dalkia. On a consolidation scope basis equivalent to that of 2014, the 2015 accident frequency rate was 2.9, in line with the target set.

The accident frequency rate has fallen from 4.5 in 2010 to 2.7 in 2016.

The accident frequency rate of subcontractors (number of workplace accidents involving at least one lost day, counted during the current year, per million hours worked) was 3.69 in 2016 (4.1 in 2015).

Accident severity rate

The accident severity rate corresponds to the number of calendar days lost due to workplace accidents per thousand hours worked(1).

Number of workplace accidents involving at least one lost day

2016 2015
EDF Group 645 757
EDF 228 261

Number of work-related fatal accidents

In 2016, there were 10 fatal accidents within the Group: six deaths were work-related, and four were due to other causes (illness). This figure is down on previous years (16 fatal accidents in 2015, with 12 deaths work-related and four due to illness). In 2016, 9 of the 10 fatalities concerned subcontractor employees.

Group 2016 2015
Total number of EDF Group employee and subcontractor fatalities 10 16
of which Group employee fatalities 1 3
of which subcontractor employee fatalities 9 13

Since 2014, all fatal accidents are reported immediately to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and an in-depth analysis systematically presented to the Executive Committee.

(1) Lost days are included in the year in which they occur even if the accident happened the previous year.