About the NUWARD™ Industrial team

NUWARD™ development fully benefits from the best in class skills and unique know-how from EDF and its partners: the CEA, Naval Group, TechnicAtome, Framatome and Tractebel.

NUWARD™ Experience Based Technology

  • Logo EDF

    Architect-engineer, design of the nuclear island, of safety demonstration, operation & maintenance.


  • Logo CEA

    Technological research, development and innovation expert in low carbon energies.

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  • Logo Naval Group

    International expert in naval defence and owner of the French naval knowledge base, designer and developer of innovative solutions to meet the needs of Naval fleets and other advanced technology industries.

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    Naval Group

  • Logo Technic Atome

    Specialised in design, construction, commissioning and operational maintenance of compact nuclear reactors.

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    Technic Atome

  • Logo Framatome

    International leader on the nuclear worldwide market, designer and supplier of nuclear steam supply systems and nuclear equipment, services and fuel, for several technologies, delivering the highest levels of safety and performance.

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  • Logo Tracetebel - Engie

    Architect engineer and responsible designer for the Belgian nuclear fleet since the 1960’s, civil engineering partner of the EDF's French operating fleet and international engineering consultancy.

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    Tractebel / Engie