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Energetic transition is underway and digital revolution is on. Cities and homes are transforming, customers and territories play a part in their consumption and their energetic policy. EDF and its subsidiaries assist them with innovative solutions.

It’s so easy to manage your home and appliances with Sowee!

Heating, lighting, budget, weather forecast…Home comfort management at your fingertips with Sowee

Connected Home of the future

Listen to music, follow the news, set your alarm, manage your consumption… With Connected home, you can ask Alexa to do (almost) anything

Mon Soleil & Moi, self-generated solar power for everyone

Mon Soleil & Moi®, lets you produce and consume your own solar energy

Circular economy: nothing is wasted, everything can be recycled

With our recovery offers and renewable energy solutions, discover how nothing is lost and everything is transformed!

A 100% renewable smart grid in French Guyana

Come and discover Saint-Georges de l’Oyapock, the first community to be 100% self-sufficient in renewable energy

The smartflowerTM, the solar flower which is reinventing photovoltaics

To produce and consume your own solar energy, plant smartflower™ in your garden

Hi’Light: the new generation of smart street lighting

Hi’Light lets you provide the right lighting at the right time and in the right place by making your urban lighting autonomous, reactive and cost-effective

Noise-free and pollution-free pizza delivery

Discover our customised offers specifically developed to meet companies’ needs for electric vehicles

Water in a high temperature heat pump to protect the environment

Discover PACO, the very high temperature industrial heat pump which combines simplicity, performance and minimal environmental impact

Solight, the 50% lighter rigid photovoltaic module

Produce and consume low carbon energy by installing Solight, the solar panel which is tough, light and powerful

The EPR is a third-generation reactor: the most powerful in the world

Take a 360° tour of the Flamanville EPR and get a life-size view of a new nuclear generation plant

VVProPrépa, how virtual reality is supporting maintenance of the nuclear fleet

Discover VVProPrépa, a digital technology which enables you to take a virtual tour of reactor buildings and optimise their maintenance

Stealth wind turbines which drop off the radar

At last a solution to prevent windfarms interfering with radar thanks to the new stealth wind turbine blades developed from military technology

The first fully solar-powered micro grid

Right in the heart of the Reunion Island’s Cirque de Mafate, discover SAGES, the self-sufficient energy solution which combines a solar microgrid and hydrogen fuel cells

High yield cogeneration: biomass, a source of energy

Take a virtual tour of the Biganos site and discover the largest biomass co-generation plant in France with optimal energy yield

Batteries which regulate network frequency and make it easier to feed in intermittent energy

At McHenry & West Burton, find out about smart computer-controlled management of storage batteries to stabilise frequency on the local electricity network

Electric Wall

Experience for yourself a world that combines energy transition and the digital revolution!

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