Find out the main questions concerning the 1st edition of the EDF Pulse India.


Who can apply to the EDF Pulse India?

Start-ups and small businesses, made up of less than 500 people that are developing innovative projects answering a general interest issue or contributing to the fight against global warming & climate change, in the fields of Sustainable Smart Living, Resilient Smart Infrastructures, and e-Mobility Infrastructure.

These organisations must be based in India (incorporated in India or having a subsidiary in India with local operational teams).

Candidate companies must be independent of a group of more than 500 employees and must have filed their articles of incorporation or be committed to doing so before the 26th April 2020. They must also not have raised more than USD 5 million.

Candidates should have a prototype, a model, or a product to exhibit on November 2020 during the Awards Ceremony.

Read more in Article 3 of the Terms & Conditions.

I am a student, and I have a project to start a business: can I apply?

Yes, provided your project fulfils all eligibility criteria and you are committed to registering your company before the 26th April 2020.

Can I take part in the EDF Pulse India if I have already taken part in a local edition?

Yes, provided the project complies with the specific criteria for the EDF Pulse India you may find in Article 3 of the Terms & Conditions.

How many projects may I submit?

A company can apply with different projects as long as these projects are distinct and fulfil eligibility criteria. To submit several projects, you have to complete the corresponding number of applications.

My innovation matches more than one category; can I apply in several categories?

No, a project can only be submitted in one category. However, the Organiser has the right to reclassify a project in another category if deemed necessary.

What will the rewards be?

The EDF Pulse India brings substantial support to each winner: a communication campaign to boost their brand awareness and up to USD 20,000 to invest and develop their business. Finalists and winners alike will be invited to present their projects in Public Relations events organised or supported by EDF.

Read more in Article 8 of the Terms & Conditions.

Can I win several awards?

No, a project can be a winner selected by a Grand jury (internal and external personalities) for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Awards.

Up to 3 Special Mentions would also be attributed by the Jury for other Finalists.

How to apply?

Candidate companies must apply online on EDGEBASE and follow the 3-step application process:

1. Create an account on EDGEBASE
2. Create a company profile with all the details
3. Answer all the questions related to EDF Pulse India 2020


Can I prevent the organiser from using my image and the presentation of my project?

Each member of the candidate teams must authorize, free of charge, the Organiser to photograph, film, record and exploit his image, his voice, and his words.

The elements provided in the application are confidential. However, the pitch of the project may be used for communication purposes on all types of media.

The authorisation of exploitation of image is valid 5 years as from the date of the application.

Read more in Article 9 of the Terms & Conditions.


What are my obligations as a Candidate?

Entering the EDF PULSE INDIA requires the full and unreserved acceptance of the full Terms and Conditions – read it here.

These rules constitute a contract between the Organiser and the Project promoter, and a commitment to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. The Organiser reserves the right to exclude any application file in which provided information proves to be false. The project and the team will also be excluded in case of attempted fraud.

The candidate must allow the Organiser to communicate to the general public the title of the project and the following elements provided in the application file: name of the project and name of the organisation, domiciled country, pitch of the project, photos of the project and the team, video presentation of the project, logo, link to the Organisation’s website or social media. The Candidate must also authorise the Organiser to use images attached to the project, particularly the image of the candidates.

Find out more information in the Terms & Conditions, Article 10.


Which browsers are compatible with the application platform?

Please make sure you are using the following browsers:

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+
• Google Chrome (v.80+),
• Apple Safari v.12+


What are the different types of fundraising?

Funds can be raised by self-financing, love money, crowdfunding (on platforms like Kickstarter, KissKissBankBank, Ulule, WiSEED, etc.), business angels, investment fund, public subsidies (ANR, BPI, SATT, Regional Council, etc.), etc.

Is the video compulsory? What should it contain?

The presentation video is not compulsory.

The pitch video should 1 minute long and should showcase your founder or someone in the team AND your innovation. The provided URL can link to a private, non-listed, or private video on Youtube.


How can I be sure that my application has been registered?

Once you have finished your application, you will receive a confirmation email from [ ] to confirm the reception of your application by the Organiser.


Is my presence required at some point during the contest?

One of the members of the start-up will be mandatory for the Pitch before the Grand Jury and during the Awards Ceremony in November 2020 in New Delhi.

Find out more in the Terms & Conditions, Article 10.

How long is the pitch before the Grand Jury?

This pitch is 5-minute long with 10 minutes of Q&A.

Where and when does the awards ceremony take place?

The EDF Pulse India Awards ceremony will take place on November 2020 in New Delhi. The exact date will be specified later.