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  1. Development of renewable energies: an ambitious goal as part of the CAP 2030 strategy
  2. In France: a continued investment drive
  3. A stronger international presence
  4. Innovation, a major lever in the RE strategy of the EDF Group
EDF launched the EDF Pulse Awards to promote innovation and be actively involved in tomorrow's future. It has set a goal for itself: to showcase and provide tangible support to initiatives and projects that unleash electricity's tremendous potential and help advance the world around us.

On the heels of the success of the first edition in 2014, EDF remains as committed as ever this year with EDF Pulse 2015 to spotlight and foster
innovative projects, start-ups, scientists and researchers, all joining forces together to create and invent today the world of tomorrow.

Following a challenging and rigorous selection process, the second edition of EDF Pulse is now heading into a decisive phase: on 10 March 2015 six
highly innovative and promising projects were short-listed by a jury. It is now in the hands of the general public to voice its opinion and vote.

EDF is encouraging the on-line community to cast their votes by logging on to its website from 7 April to 3 May 2015. On-line users can choose their favourite project from each of the three distinct categories: Smart Living & Electricity, Health & Electricity, Science & Electricity.


    - Three award categories rewarding innovation
    - More than 200 projects submitted
    - 6 finalist projects short listed
    - Smart Living Category
    - Health Category
    - Science Category
    - Six winners
  • Research and Innovation

The Chinese energy market - like many other sectors of the country's economy - is seeing strong growth, due to increasing electricity consumption1 (up 7.5% in 2013) which is being driven by the country's economic expansion. China has to boost its electricity generation capacity to meet this demand. The country's installed generating capacity increased by 9.5% in 2013 to a total of 1247 GW.

  • China: the centre of gravity of the global energy industry
  • Over 30 years of franco-chinese cooperation in nuclear power
  • A presence across all domains
  • EDF in China, location map

EDF Group, the world leader in carbon-free energy, continues to invest in renewable energy and to strengthen its positions both in Europe and throughout the world. The Group contributes to the rise of competitive industrial sectors in renewable energy, in particular in wind and solar power. It relies mainly on its specialised subsidiary EDF Energies Nouvelles, an integrated global player, active in all areas and throughout the value chain of renewable energy.
To support the technological breakthrough and the emergence of innovative solutions, EDF is pursuing an ambitious R&D policy to which it is allocating more than 50 million Euros each year.


1. EDF, european leader in renewable energy

  • A managed carbon footprint
  • EDF, number 1 European producer of renewable energy
  • Innovation to prepare for technological breakthroughs
  • Major investment in new Renewables

2. A strategy focused on sustainability

  • Sustainability through dialogue, support for the local economy and the relationship with the environment
  • Innovative and responsible financing: the Green Bond
  • The EDF-Amundi partnership: asset management dedicated to energy transition

3. EDF EN, a leading global operator

  • An integrated industrialist active throughout the Renewables value chain
  • A core activity: wind power
  • European leader in solar energy
  • Our ambition: to consolidate our position among the top global provid
  • Renewables
  • International
  • Research
  • Innovation
The new Teesside Offshore Wind Farm is located off the coast of North East England. The nearest town is Redcar, just over 400km north of London. It is operated by EDF Energy Renewables, jointly owned by EDF Energy & EDF Energies Nouvelles. The site is situated close to EDF Energy’s nuclear power station at Hartlepool (2 units of 1180 MW).


  • Teesside in numbers
  • Background and history
  • The UK offshore wind context: dynamic and attractive
  • The keys features of the wind farm
  • Navitus Bay project
  • International
  • Renewables
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