The performance of the EDF group is followed by many analysts

Analysts list and recommendations shown below are disclosed by EDF for information purposes only and may not be necessarily complete. We draw your attention on the fact that, opinions, forecasts or forward-looking statements on EDF performance formulated by these analysts are made under their own responsibility and may not reflect opinions, forecasts or forward-looking statements formulated by EDF or its top management.

EDF will not bear any liability regarding the accuracy of information conclusions or recommendations disclosed.

Consensus as of February 16, 2022

Analyst Target Price (in €) Recommendation
Barclays 13.7 Buy
Bernstein 8.5 Neutral
Citi 14.9 Buy
Exane BNP Paribas 14.3 Buy
HSBC 10.0 Neutral
Jefferies 16.0 Buy
JP Morgan 7.6 Sell
Kepler 14.0 Buy
Merrill Lynch (BofA) 7.6 Sell
Morgan Stanley 10.0 Neutral
Morning star 12.0 Neutral
ODDO 10.5 Neutral
Société Générale 16.0 Buy
UBS 12.0 Buy

* For compliance reasons, Goldman Sachs does not allow their research data to be published on open access websites, but their estimations are included in the consensus below.

Change of recommendation since July 2007

Consensus 2022

Analysts' estimates as of February 16, 2022

2022 consensus is based on the latest available analysts' estimates, some of which do not include the latest Group's annoucements.

Medians - in € billion

Consensus FY 2021 Consensus FY 2022
EBITDA €17.9bn €14.4bn
Net income €4.5bn €0.8bn
Net financial debt €43.2bn €48.8bn
EPS €/share 1.28 0.34
DPS €/share 0.54 0.15

Legal Status

The EDF Group: a Société Anonyme, a French limited company.