Consultative Committee

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Functioning and composition

  • The Shareholder Advisory Committee is both a consultative body and a think tank.
  • Its objective is to contribute to the permanent improvement of procedures and communications to individual shareholders.
  • Its mission is to express your expectations in terms of information and relations with the Group.
  • It meets between two and four times a year under the chairmanship of the Director of Shareholder Relations.
  • It consists of at least eight members, including one EDF employee and one former EDF employee.

They are selected based on their motivation and their representativeness of the individual EDF shareholders in order to ensure that the Committee best reflects their diversity.

The members

Marc Agnelli

Trainer in Law and Business Management - Individual shareholder.

Laurence Bobant-Guillot

Enedis purchasing department - Employee shareholder.

Jean-François Bordron

Sales Manager, Road Transport Sector (retired) - Individual shareholder.

Loïc Duval

Former contractor, building sector - Individual shareholder.

Marie-Louise Fimeyer

Divisional Commissioner (retired) - Individual shareholder.

Géraldine Gaviot-Doguillon

Human Resources Manager - Employee shareholder.

Hugues Mitton

Independent photographer - Individual shareholder.

Françoise Peter

Executive Assistant, Chemicals sector (retired) - Individual shareholder.

Véronique Pion

Management-Finance executive, Energy Sector (retired) - Employee shareholder.

Philippe de Saint-Ours

Management-Finance executive, Chemical sector (retired) - Individual shareholder.

Jérôme Touche

Engineer - Individual shareholder.

Meetings and tasks

Allow a panel of shareholders to express the expectations of individual shareholders and thereby contribute to improving communication with the Group: this is EDF’s objective in creating the Shareholder Advisory Committee.

This Committee is a consultative body. Its proposals and opinions concern the procedures and services dedicated to shareholders, such as the Shareholders’ Newsletter, the General Shareholders’ Meeting, shareholders’ meetings, Shareholders’ Club events, the EDF stand at the Shareholders’ Fair, etc.