Being a Shareholder

Why be an EDF shareholder?

Because our future is electric. And it’s happening now.

  • Being an EDF shareholder means owning part of the capital of a world energy leader.
  • You will benefit from an attractive remuneration policy.
  • You will share the values of a responsible energy company.
  • We have put into place a complete system to respond to your needs and keep you informed, and we have instituted a transparent communications policy.

Our specificity

Our activity concerns both international and residential customers.

  • From energy generation to the lighting of your home, we are present throughout the entire chain of electricity generation, all over the world.
  • We are deeply implicated in global energy issues through the generation of electricity that is both competitive and low carbon.
  • With the opening of the market to competition, we are transforming ourselves to put our expertise at the service of international markets.
  • We are constantly reinventing our offers and services:
    • to help residential customers control their electricity consumption,
    • to support the energy and economic performance of businesses,
    • to help communities adopt sustainable solutions for the city of tomorrow.