Nuclear generation

Find out on this page information concerning nuclear generation output in France and in the United Kindgom.

Nuclear output in France

September 2016 (1) September 2017 (1) Change
Output of the month 26.5TWh 29.3TWh 10.6%
Cumulative output 287.1TWh 283.3TWh -1.3%

(1) Figures corrected to one decimal

Nuclear output in September 2017 amounted to 29.3TWh, up by 2.9TWh compared to September 2016 which had been penalised by extended outages of some reactors due to additional controls on steam generators.
Since the beginning of the year, the cumulative output amounted to 283.3TWh, down by 3.8TWh yoy.


Nuclear output in the United Kingdom

September 2016(1) September 2017(1) Change
Output of the month 5.6TWh 5.4TWh -3.6%
Cumulative output 48.0TWh 48.7TWh 1.5%

(1) Figures corrected to one decimal

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