Dividend distribution policy

The dividend distribution policy is determined by EDF’s Board of Directors.
It takes into account the Group’s investment needs, the economic context and any other factor considered to be relevant.

Dividend for 2015 fiscal year

The Annual General Meeting of 12 May 2016 approved a total dividend of €1.101 per share for 2015, with the option for a payment in new shares2, equivalent to a 56% payout ratio3 after deduction of Cigéo extra-cost.
The Board of Directors and the Shareholders' Meeting of 12 May 2016 decided for a payment of €0.53 per share and €0.64 per share receiving the loyalty dividend on the 2015 remaining dividend to be paid, after an interim dividend of €0.57 per share for 2015 fiscal year was paid out on 18 December 2015.
  • 18 December 2015: interim dividend for 2015 of €0.57 per share
  • 6 June 2016: ex-date (date for which the shares are traded ex-dividend)
  • 6 June to 20 June 2016 inclusive: option period for the outstanding balance of the dividend in cash or shares
  • 30 June 2016: payment of the balance of €0.531 per share
1Excluding loyalty bonus.
2Price of new shares: they will be issued at a 10% discount rate on the average of the opening prices of EDF's shares during the last 20 trading days prior to the Shareholders' Meeting, less the outstanding balance of the final dividend to be paid, rounded off to the next cent, i.e. €10.08.

3Payout ratio applied to net income excluding non-recurring items adjusted for the remuneration of hybrid issues booked as equity.

Dividend history

Payment of dividends

The dividend is attached to a share.
As this is a cash payment, there is no specific procedure to follow; the dividend is credited by your financial intermediary straight into the bank account associated with your share account.

A 10% dividend increase for loyal shareholders

In 2011, the Annual General Meeting adopted the amendment to the articles of EDF with the implementation of a "loyalty bonus" of 10% for shareholders holding their shares in registered form (pure or administered) for at least 2 calendar years continuously.
  • Provision limited to 0.5% of the capital for a single shareholder, at the closing date of the previous financial year
  • The first "loyalty bonus" of 10% has been awarded in 2014 for the dividend distributed for the year 2013
  • The registration of shares in registered form (pure or administered) will have to be effective on 31 December 2016 at the latest to receive the loyalty bonus, which will be provided in respect of the financial year ended on 31 December 2018, in 2019

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