It looks like a box on wheels, equipped with two high handles and intelligent sensors to move itself around, like an autonomous vehicle. This logistics droid, known as TwinswHeel, has accepted its mission: to assist workers and technicians on industrial sites by carrying heavy loads. Robust and flexible, it is capable of identifying its route and reconfiguring itself in the event of an obstacle or change.

By working closely with people and allowing them to focus on high value-added tasks, TwinswHeel has become a true "cobot", a collaborative robot. Combining well-being and competitiveness, this product is bound to play a significant role in the future of urban logistics!

The team

TwinswHeel was born from the meeting of the company Soben in Cahors (specialised in innovative shock absorbers, mechanics, power transmission and batteries) and the startup Andarta Robotics in Lyon (an expert in robotics and artificial intelligence).

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