Research: responding to the challenges of today and the developments of tomorrow

As today's increasingly digital world dramatically changes the way we produce and consume, research into electricity generation, distribution and consumption is of decisive importance. 
2125 employees, of 29 different nationalities, are currently working on more than 250 projects designed simultaneously to deliver cleaner generation, smarter energy distribution and more responsible energy consumption.

A low-carbon, competitive energy mix

The EDF energy mix - the combination of different energy sources used to generate electricity - has one of the world's lowest CO2 emission levels. The research teams are keeping up the effort to reduce the carbon content of this mix even further:

Smart grids

Diversification of energy generation sources and changing patterns of consumption are profoundly changing the principles of electricity distribution. EDF Research focuses primarily on storage solutions and the integration of digital technologies in ways that enable distribution grids to cope with this increasing level of complexity:
  • Managing the increasingly intermittent nature of generation as a result of renewable energies, whose availability fluctuates considerably in ways that can compromise the distribution grid balance
  • Responding to new energy uses by optimising grid operation
  • Improving local, national and international coverage through infrastructure expansion

More responsible methods of consumption

Consumers are energy efficiency stakeholders in their own right. EDF Research is committed to developing appliances, systems and solutions that make it possible to consume less and better. 
  • Considering new energy solutions that are both efficient and low carbon, especially in areas such as mobility, heat pumps and low-energy buildings
  • Contributing to the development of smart cities by creating modelling systems for energy management planning and optimisation
  • Providing customers with ways of measuring, analysing and optimising their consumption using solutions such as smart meters, digital sensors and mobile technologies

What is the purpose of EDF Research? [in French]

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