To be in line with the Paris 2024 environmental goals, EDF undertakes that the electricity injected into the grid to cover the needs of the Paris 2024 Games is certified renewable.

The Ottmarsheim solar farm is the largest in the Alsace region of France and includes an ecological corridor. Its 28,000 photovoltaic panels will provide the renewable electricity for the Paris 2024 infrastructures.

An essential contribution to an ambitious goal

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee has set itself the objective of reducing the event’s carbon footprint by half compared to the average of previous Games1.

As a Paris 2024 Games premium partner and official renewable electricity supplier, EDF Group will provide an essential contribution to that objective using the know-how of EDF SA and the six EDF subsidiaries included in the partnership: EDF Renouvelables, EDF ENR, EDF PEI (Production Électrique Insulaire), Dalkia, Hynamics and Izivia.

An innovating certification...

EDF will supply all the Paris 2024 Games sites and infrastructure with guarantees of origin certifying that a quantity of renewable origin electricity2 equivalent to their consumption has been injected onto the grid from 8 EDF Group production sites (6 wind farms and 2 solar farms) located in France.

... for perfect traceability

The certification is based on a blockchain specifically designed for the energy sector. It’s combined with an analysis tool developed by EDF experts that guarantees the simultaneity of the electricity production by the sites and building consumption for data traceability that can’t be challenged.

Reliance on the diversity of the 8 renewable electricity production sites

The distribution throughout the territory of the production sites selected to supply the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic sites makes it possible to maximise use of wind and solar production and make the best of the weather conditions.

  • 6 parcs éoliens

    • Bois-des-Barthes (Haute-Loire)
    • Chemin-d’Ablis (Eure-et-Loir)
    • Côte-de-Jade (Vendée)
    • Fécamp (Seine-Maritime)
    • Salles-Curan (Aveyron)
    • Veulettes (Seine-Maritime)
  • 2 parcs solaires

    • Lazer (Hautes-Alpes)
    • Ottmarsheim (Haut-Rhin)

The Chemin-d’Ablis wind farm in the Eure-et-Loir region is one of the 8 selected renewable electricity production sites. It’s one of the largest French wind farms.

1The Paris 2024 Games should not exceed 1.5 million tonnes of CO2, namely half the average carbon footprint of the previous editions of the Summer Games. Source: Paris 2024 websites – Halve the Games’ carbon footprint.

2 As defined by applicable regulations and, in particular, compliant with the guaranteed origin mechanisms.