A mobile UPS solution

Guaranteeing electricity on the go

Luminus, a Belgian subsidiary of the EDF group, has developed a mobile UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solution available for hire. A single shipping container has been kitted up to form a complete emergency power generation system. It will be an indispensable solution for all works sites exposed to power failures or even large events, as it provides protection against potential interruptions or breakdowns. These mobile UPS are rated to provide 250 kVA to 1,600 kVA, and can be used for short or long hire.

Project developed by Luminus and Luminus Solutions, Belgian subsidiaries of the EDF group.


  • Guarantees uninterrupted electrical supply
  • Low impact on the environment
  • People and property are safe

Construction sites and large events at risk of power outages must be able to rely on their electrical supply.

With this in mind, Luminus, a Belgian subsidiary of the EDF group, and Luminus Solutions have fine-tuned a mobile UPS available for hire. The main operating principles for this mobile power supply system are identical to a permanent UPS installation.


The system, designed to fit into the footprint of a single container, is made up of a diesel engine that emits very little CO2, an induction coupling, a freewheeling clutch, and a generator. Connected to the grid, it automatically takes over in the event of an outage or a disruption. It also offers an active filtering feature to remove impurities from the grid.

Luminus offers customers for-hire mobile UPS options that range in power from 250 to 1,600 kVA, for terms that can vary from a few days to a few months.