Electric vehicles are gaining ground – and this is only the beginning.
EDF is committed to making low-carbon energy* the fuel of the future.

The Electric Mobility Plan, read the press release EDF, taking the European lead in smart charging for 2020

Solutions already available

Our subsidiary IZIVIA – formerly Sodetrel – operates more than 60,000 interoperable fast charging terminals as part of the European Corri-Door programme. More details

In the UK, our subsidiary EDF Energy offers businesses a comprehensive range of services, from electric vehicle rental to smart recharging – as well as supplying electricity. More details

Our subsidiary Sowee provides a communication-enabled universal recharging terminal that users can control from their smart home hub.

In Italy, our subsidiary Edison offers Plug & Go, an integrated offer that includes electricity, recharging terminals and electric vehicles via a leasing solution. More details

Our subsidiary Citelum and the start-up Ubitricity are offering new charging services via urban public lighting networks. More details

In Belgium, EDF Luminus is contributing to the development of recharging solutions by installing charging terminals in service stations.

In France, we offer Vert Electrique Auto (Green Electric Car), a package that allows customers to recharge their vehicles at home at discounted overnight prices!

CO2 free transport

Navya is a self-driving electric shuttle, which can be powered by solar roads. More details

Our subsidiary IZIVIA, formerly Sodetrel, is developing a smart recharging terminal to optimise demand from electric vehicles and offer new services.

Our subsidiary EDF ENR offers self-generating photovoltaic shades that are installed in car parks for vehicle recharging.

AIn the field of electric Formula 1 racing, our experts are working with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) on battery research and safety.

We are the first French company to join the global EV100 initiative to convert 100% of our vehicle fleet to electric power by 2030. More details

* In 2017, EDF SA and EDF Production Électrique Insulaire (Insular Electric Production) energetic mix was composed by 86,5 % of nuclear energy, 8,8 % of renewable energy, 2,2 % of gas, 1,4% of coal et 1,2 % of fuel. It’s 95,3 % carbon-free (direct emissions excluding the life cycle analysis of generating plant and fuel.) - Financial and non-financial KPIs 2017.