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are other examples of this . EDF is changing the organisation of working hours for its managers in France On 22 February 2016. the French trade unions CFDT and CFE CGC signed an agreement on the organisation of the working hours of EDF SA managers ("cadres") .

EDF Foundation patronage: solidarity in action

as a professional representative during working hours. Sometimes, staff may be called upon to work on charity initiatives during their working hours.

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EDF SA learns from the health crisis by signing a collective agreement "Work Differently, Manage Differently" | EDF FR

They are available to the teams for deployment in areas such as new teleworking practices or working practices on site, the possibility of flexible working hours and better management of meetings. In addition, the agreement proposes a framework adapted to the specificities of the various businesses and divisions .

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Customised professional training by Cyclife | Cyclife

EDF's Decommissioning staff have had over 2 8 million hours of training. Cyclife's decommissioning and environmental experts take part in and lead working groups for the IAEA, the WNA and ISO, the OECD and the European Commission.

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