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Saint-Dizier maintenance base | EDF Cyclife

Industrial safety: ensuring that activities take place under optimum conditions of industrial safety... Mechanical metal working, fabrication, and use or storage of greenhouse gases containing fluorine.

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Frequently asked questions | Edvance

You will meet with operational managers in order to fully understand the position and the working conditions that you are being offered. Offer to work with us.

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in particular in France Sales negatively affected by mild winter weather Nuclear output down slightly in France due to weather conditions o o 116 1TWh... EDF's Board of Directors reviewed the Group's long-term financial trajectory under the new adverse market price conditions... by the closure date of the 2016 accounts and subject to market conditions.

Hinkley Point C nuclear power project achieves latest major milestone on schedule | EDF FR

This major milestone in nuclear construction was completed by teams who have had to adapt to new Coronavirus working conditions. Their achievement, known as" J-zero", comes less than a year after the completion of the first reactor's base in June 2019 . It is the second major goal in 2020 and the successful completion of both follows the achievement of all the project goals in 2019 . The date for achieving J-zero on Unit 2 was set more than four years, before the final investment decision was taken .

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