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Green light for green hydrogen - WESTKÜSTE100 receives funding approval from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs | EDF Russie

"An electrolysis plant with a capacity of 700 MW- this is our vision and the next milestone in implementing the development targets laid down in the national hydrogen strategy by 2030, "says Jürgen Wollschläger, managing director of Raffinerie Heide and coordinator of the WESTKÜSTE100 project... A newly formed joint venture, H2 Westküste GmbH, comprising EDF Deutschland, Ørsted and Raffinerie Heide, is to build a 30 megawatt electrolyser which will produce green hydrogen from offshore wind energy and provide information on the operation, maintenance, control and grid compatibility of the equipment.


News | EDF Russie

They are" Clean Energy" (wind and solar technologies, hydrogen technologies and digital solutions to improve energy efficiency) and" Humans and Environment" (stimulation of ecologically responsible behavior, digital technologies for the environment, general safety and occupational safety)... In this capacity, he Group Senior Executive Vice President in charge of Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategy, Alexandre Perra, is Climate point person within the Group Executive Committee.

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