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Masdar and EDF SA to explore power sector collaboration in Sub-Saharan Africa | EDF Middle East

Masdar's current sub-Saharan developments include the 15MW Sheikh Zayed Solar Power Plant and eight rural solar energy projects with a capacity of 16 6MW in Mauritania. The company's extensive off-grid portfolio also includes solar, wind, solar-powered water treatment projects, battery storage and geothermal projects in the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands.

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7 key areas of Thermal Engineering expertise in the Middle East

The energy sources: diesel, oil, coal, combined gas cycle, liquefied natural gas -GNL, nuclear, renewables (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass... Extending the lifespan of a site, relocating of assets, modifying rated power capacity, switching to another energy source, modernizing your equipment.

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News | EDF Middle East

DH, as an investment arm for the Government of Dubai in the Commodities & Mining, Power & Energy and Industrial Projects, currently owns 50 % stake in Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), a substantial stake in Sinoway (a Chinese CPC Producer) ,a minority stake in CAP Alumina Refinery Project in Brazil, and a 50 % shareholding in JA Power and Water Company- an entity established along with Mubadala of Abu Dhabi to manage the 625 MW CCGT power plant and the associated reverse osmosis facility with a capacity of 9 MIGD at EGA- DUBAL.

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