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Find out EDF Pulse Africa Awards' finalists | EDF Pulse Africa

This process is carried out using small and medium-sized decentralized fermentation units for local processing of available organic waste (agricultural waste, household waste, etc .) into biogas... But in addition, it allows to do it in the absence of conventional energy through the use of solar technology that makes a box connected and accessible.

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eco-conception | EDF France

We do not look at eco-design from the angle of digital sobriety, synonymous with decline, but rather aim for the concept of digital efficiency: "our tools must achieve their goal using as few resources as possible". Since 2020, we have undertaken structural changes on the site, with the aim of making our pages consistent with this approach to reducing their carbon footprint .


Cyclife expands its range of digital services for the dismantling of nuclear facilities and acquires Quadrica | Cyclife

Realisation of scenario or design studies, site preparation, visualization of premises that are difficult to access, remote visit and inspection of installations or even training, nuclear operators, throughout the life cycle of their installation, are moving towards increased use of twins and digital tools to improve their level of control and optimize their interventions.

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EDF & Veolia announce the creation of Graphitech | EDF FR

Graphitech will be responsible for the technological development and engineering studies required in preparation for decommissioning nuclear reactors that use graphite technology, around 60 such reactors in the world, Graphitech will thus be ready to meet the needs of France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Lithuania and Japan.

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Our Technologies | Cyclife

The 3D model is the main input for the use of our solutions. It can be derived from a multitude of CAD tools... It can be used to calculate costs, deadlines, waste and, in the case of nuclear industry, the dose of an intervention. This 3D model can be provided by the customer or be taken care of by our services.

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