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Energy research Asia: power generation research

The Chinese projects are focused on nuclear as well as clean and highly efficient thermal power generation, smart networks, urban energy planning and sustainable cities projects, energy efficiency and energy storage, concentrated solar power and integration of renewable energy in electric systems.

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EDF and Gibb become partners in GIBB Power, an engineering company specialising in the energy sector | EDF Afrique

Electricity transmission and distribution networks, to facilitate the integration of renewable energies, modernize and develop urban electricity networks as well as interconnections between countries... GIBB has a wealth of knowledge spanning over 60 years in the design, planning and management of infrastructure projects in various sectors including Water, Power and Transport amongst others.

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EDF International Networks through three flagship projects in the Americas.

Smart Grids, smart meters, delegated management, live works, smart planning, advanced monitoring functions... Discover three emblematic projects of our international expertise in the Americas... Elaborating a roadmap to implement smart solutions for automazing the rural and urban networks.

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