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EDF : an integrated energy company in Italy

The Italian HV transmission network is strongly interconnected with those of the neighbouring countries, in particular France and Switzerland. Currently, total available winter daytime interconnection capacity is 8 040 MW . This capacity results from eight 380- kV lines, nine 220- kV lines and one DC line between Apulia and Greece .

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In Brazil, sales reflected the positive effect of the tariff indexing under Norte Fluminense's PPA and higher output due to increased dispatching by the network's operator... generation, transmission, distribution, energy supply and trading, energy services.

Transmission Networks | United Arab Emirates

This first-of-its-kind sub-sea transmission network in the MENA region will connect ADNOC's offshore operations to TAQA's clean onshore power network, unlocking cost-savings and environmental benefits... EDF, through its Power System and Transmission Engineering Centre has conducted numerous strategic projects contributing to to interconnecting the Emirates and has backed the construction of distribution centers in Abu Dhabi and Al AinEDF signed the first-of-- its kind sub-sea transmission network project to decarbonize ADNOC's offshore operations.

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EDF energy activities in the Middle East | United Arab Emirates

Through a wide range of projects, EDF Group is active in 6 key sectors in the Middle East :nuclear, renewables, thermal, clean hydrogen, transmission & distribution networks and energy services... Transmission grids and distribution networks bring electricity to Middle Eastern consumers, at the same time as balancing supply with demand.


EDF & ZAWAWI Group Creates a Joint Venture in Oman | United Arab Emirates

The purpose of this company is to promote and develop the range of services offered by the EDF Group, starting with technical consultancy or operation and maintenance services in the fields of thermal generation and electricity transmission networks. Alawi Enterprises Zawawi Group belongs to the Omani family Zawawi .

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