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EDF in Germany I EDF Deutschland

The aim is to make Germany the world leader in hydrogen technologies, to participate in the emergence of a European ecosystem and to avoid several million tonnes of CO 2 emissions. The accessibility of this site is under evaluation .

EPR reactor | EDF South Africa

Carbon-free electricity generation avoiding 10 5 million tonnes of CO 2 emissions per reactor per year. Biodiversity preservation thanks to a limited land footprint and high energy density.

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Promoting our low-carbon model around the world | EDF Group

With an installed capacity of 146 MWp, it is capable of supplying 191 000 Chilean homes with electricity annually and avoiding 380 000 tonnes of CO 2 emissions into the atmosphere. The Bolero solar park is composed of 475 000 photovoltaic modules equipped with trackers to follow the sun path, and covers over 500 hectares, the equivalent of over 700 football fields .

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