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Nuclear and gas generation in the North and South America

In Brazil, Norte Fluminense, a thermoelectric power plant, supplies 22 % of the electricity consumed in Rio... EDF Norte Fluminense (EDF NF) Thermoelectric Power Plant- Brazil. The North Fluminense Thermoelectric Power Plant has been one of EDF's main assets in Brazil over the past ten years, demonstrating both impressive industrial and financial performance.

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News | EDF Pulse Africa

Their offer consists of containerized hydro power plants providing electricity to remotes villages in Kenya... From this assessment was born the idea of, a start-up developing containerized hydropower plants to produce affordable and reliable electricity. The solution's main benefit lies in its standardization: installation is quicker, maintenance costs are lower and it is even possible to move the hydropower plant if external conditions demand it.

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Supporting Brazil's energy transition | Brésil

EDF owns 100 % of EDF Norte Fluminense, a company which built and operates a thermoelectric power plant that meets one quarter of Rio's energy needs... 2002- Ibiritermo thermoelectric Gas Combined-Cycle plant operation launch.

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Expanding our thermal capacities | Brésil

Since 2002, we have also been operating the Ibiritermo thermoelectric natural gas combined-cycle plant, in partnership with Petrobras, a Brazilian integrated energy company. The plant is located in the municipality of Ibirité in Minas Gerais, and has a capacity of 235 MW .

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