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Climate International Observatory - Mobilization of players

In response to climate change, two options were proposed: changing life styles or placing your trust in technological progress... Evolutions over the past two years have not moved toward a life-style change: this option has dropped 2pts, while the technological route is now more appealing (+ 2pts).

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It changes everything: publications | EDF France

It changes everything: publications. With It changes everything, our content collection, we have chosen to place ourselves at the heart of the discussions on the major challenges we face, namely those of energy transition. With our customers and partners, our employees, elected local politicians and regions, associations and NGOs, as well as academics, we want to explore and question the ongoing upheavals, as we face the climate challenge, whether they are industrial, social, technological, economic or geopolitical.

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EDF, the CEA and AREVA Establish the French Nuclear Platform | EDF France

Foreign Affairs and International Development and other concerned ministries, the review of technological options for the EPR NM, the consolidation of relations with SMEs in the sector in coordination with the French Industry Strategic Committee (Comité Stratégique de Filière Nucléaire) ,and the coordination of positions on regulatory changes notably regarding safety requirements and objectives.

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Our News | EDF Cyclife

It will enable a real change of scale through the industrialisation of GeoMelt ®, which will make it possible to treat radioactive waste more safely and more economically, with a reduction in storage volumes"... Her key drivers, essential to manage the company in a mid- term perspective of strong growth, have always been to continuously learn by exploring new technical areas in combination with change management.

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News | EDF Asie

The Taishan project is providing EPR reactors around the world with its experience in project management and technological expertise... (2) Organic change at comparable scope, standards and exchange rates... It corresponds to net income excluding non- recurring items, excluding net changes in fair value on energy and raw materials derivatives, trading activities and net changes in the fair value of debt securities and shareholders ' equity net of tax.

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The great Sulzer-BBC machine (1901) | Musée Electropolis

It perfectly illustrates the technological transition phase between steam use, the main energy source at beginning of the industrial age, and electricity, corresponding to the second industrial period... When the wheel, which is the alternator's rotor, turns, the rapid changes of the magnetic field in front of the fixed component- the stator- generate an alternative current in its copper armatures.

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An electric future: electricity in the 21st century | Musée Electropolis

Discover today 's major technological advances, the digital revolution which will radically change our way of life, the future of our society and our planet. Share a new experience for the whole family, have fun with interactive devices which blend light and a digital environment .

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News | EDF Pulse Africa

The jury members aspire to make either economic, technologic or even energetic changes, but they all agreed on the fact that entrepreneurship does have a huge role to play in the local system evolution... But EDF Pulse Africa is, over, all a challenge launched with the aim of finding and supporting African" technological nuggets".

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technological changes, changes in the general economic situation. Detailed information regarding these uncertainties and potential risks are available in the reference document (Document de référence) of EDF filed with the Autorité des marchés financiers on 29 April 2016.

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