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AutonHome: the connected rehabilitation at home programme - EDF Pulse Awards

This service is supported by an expert centre that carries out the home installations and a medical and technical team that will consult the patient on a regular basis. This programme will involve the patient's usual therapists .

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Africa 2019 | EDF Afrique

EDF is supporting its customers towards their energy projects through various solutions in all types of energy (hydropower, thermal, wind and sun, nuclear, biomass) and along the value chain of electricity, from production to households through networks: engineering consulting, construction management, technical assistance, delegated management of O&M, training, energy services, etc.

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Action plan presented on 22 April 2016 to support the Group's development under the CAP 2030 strategy o o o o Net investments (excluding Linky and excluding new developments) optimised by close to 2bn in 2018 compared to 2015... Another agreement concerns technical cooperation for projects of new power generation plants taking full advantage of EDF's know how in thermal engineering.

process engineer - edf china

Understand the mainstream energy efficiency technologies and equipments with original views on the global and Chinese market Develop projects related to the energy efficiency field Technical support to renewable activities. plant pre- design, feasibility study, operation and feedback analysis.

Our offers | EDF FR

EDF R&D, through its industrial expertise in power generation, provides advanced bespoke technical support in electrotechnics and mechanics of structures, at design and operations of industrial plants and their major equipment. Utilise our solutions for housing, new neighbourhoods, public infrastructure and equipment, office and industrial buildings, smart lighting and services, mobility, and electrically- driven transport, etc .

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Flamanville EPR : update | EDF FR

The file has been subjected to investigation from the ASN, with technical support from the IRSN. Based on this investigation, the discussions were conducted in a GP ESPN meeting attended by EDF, who presented the fact chronology, their analysis and the methods for dealing with the deviations .

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