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TECHNICAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION... They have been informed that the portal is reachable on a 24 hours / 7 days basis, except in cases of force majeure like, data processing difficulties, technical difficulties or anything beyond EDF's control... Users will find additional technical information in the section FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) .

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Another agreement concerns technical cooperation for projects of new power generation plants taking full advantage of EDF's know how in thermal engineering... The first elements of controls, carried out by a technical team of EDF... This stage marks the achievement of the first key milestone set by the EDF Group for the first quarter of 2016, in compliance with the schedule updated over the summer of 2015.

Supplier qualification at EDF

your technical and human capabilities... the characteristics of your products or services, and their compliance with the standards and specifications... For" some of our core business" purchases, additional checks are needed: audits on the production sites and laboratory- or production-scale technical tests.

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Delphine Servot is appointed Managing Director of Cyclife Sweden AB | Cyclife

Since 2007, Delphine has mainly worked in engineering and construction projects for EDF from Liquified Natural Gas terminal in North of France to New Nuclear Build projects (France, China, Finland and UK) . In her last position prior to Cyclife, Delphine Servot was Project Manager within the Nuclear Fleet Lifespan Extension Program, in charge of engineering and construction projects for environmental compliance and optimization of chemical processes of the 58 French nuclear reactors.

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Our responsibility | Cyclife

Cyclife is focused on combining technical and economic performance with sustainable improvements in nuclear safety, industrial safety, radiation protection and environmental management... Closely focused management of processes, and enhanced monitoring of compliance with the French are currently the main areas of focus in terms of quality.

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