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Africa 2019 | EDF Afrique

EDF is supporting its customers towards their energy projects through various solutions in all types of energy (hydropower, thermal, wind and sun, nuclear, biomass) and along the value chain of electricity, from production to households through networks: engineering consulting, construction management, technical assistance, delegated management of O&M, training, energy services, etc.

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EDF International Networks | EDF FR

1 . Technical assistance during all stages of a smart metering project... Electric Mobility Road Map for Smart Grids (Strategy, Solutions), Technical assistance for network automation projects, Solutions for renewable energy's integration to the network, Big Data Asset Management Solutions (POC), Training (technical, change management...) .

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EDF submits to the Indian nuclear operator NPCIL the French binding techno-commercial offer to build six EPRs at the Jaitapur site | EDF FR

the detailed technical configuration of the reactors, taking into account the information provided by NPCIL on the Jaitapur site conditions and the joint comprehensive work performed by EDF and NPCIL... NPCIL is responsible for the construction and the commissioning of each of the six (6) units of the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant, as well as for obtaining all necessary permits and consents in India, including the certification of the EPR technology by the Indian safety regulator, as the owner and future operator of the plant; during the construction phase, NPCIL may benefit from EDF and its partners ' assistance, notably regarding the sharing of other EPR project-related lessons learned.

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