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Africa 2019 | EDF Afrique

EDF is supporting its customers towards their energy projects through various solutions in all types of energy (hydropower, thermal, wind and sun, nuclear, biomass) and along the value chain of electricity, from production to households through networks: engineering consulting, construction management, technical assistance, delegated management of O&M, training, energy services, etc.

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Construction is expected to start gradually from 2017 . EDF signs an agreement for the acquisition of Global Resource Options... In the nuclear energy sector, EDF has initialed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian national electricity generator Nuclear Power Corp of India Ltd (NPCIL), for the projected construction of 6 EPR units at Jaitapur in the west of India.

EDF Pulse Chile | Chili

EDF with the support of ProChile opened the call for the EDF Pulse Chile Award Competition, an initiative that is being developed for the first time in the country and that seeks to scale innovative solutions that are developing Chilean startups and scaleups that contribute to the construction of a world more electric and environmentally friendly.


The future of hydroelectric renewable energy | EDF Group

As part of the programme implemented during the dam's construction and targeting those people who were displaced by the dam, NTPC has supported the construction of houses for all of the households concerned, two clinics and 32 schools, as well as the implementation of a programme to support economic activities (forestry, agriculture, fishing, etc .), which has helped improve the living conditions of local communities over the long term.

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CIST, the EDF Group power system & transmission engineering

In France, it negotiates the conditions for connection to the grid, and supervise the construction and maintenance of electricity supply installations, from the generating plant to the power transmission grid operated by RTE. As the transmission engineering and expertise centre for the EDF Group, the Power System & Transmission Engineering Centre (CIST) is the focus for all the specialist disciplines involved in power transmission (power systems and transmission grids).

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