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Special edition of the letter to shareholders - January 2010 - EDF Group

Highlights of the H1 2011 results, A profitable growth strategy: objectives and outlook for 2011 2015, Participate, loyalty bonus, EDF on the Stock Market... Download the letter (PDF, 666 Kb.

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EDF in the UK

EDF Group announces life extensions for two UK nuclear plants at financial strategy meeting in London Webcast... Hereafter the weblink to DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) website.

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Géolocalisation- Pays SWITZERLAND Because of its geographical position in Europe, Switzerland is a hub of electricity trading and transmission networks and significant to the Group' s industrial strategy. More information.

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The renewable energy development strategy of the EDF Group | EDF France

The renewable energy development strategy of the EDF Group... Innovation, a major lever in the RE strategy of the EDF Group.

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All press folders | EDF France

Innovation, a major lever in the RE strategy of the EDF Group. In video.

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EDF in Asia : China, Japan, South Korea, South Asia

Under this strategy, the Group is involved in long-term projects, which reflect a spirit of co- operation and partnership, and a commitment to EDF 's corporate and environmental values. The Group is investing in EPR nuclear reactors in China and in other projects in the rest of the region that will give it access to state-of-the-art technology, as well as promote its industrial expertise- particularly for power generation projects .

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Dalkia Group acquires Fenice Rus | EDF Russie

The acquisition of Fenice Rus fits into Dalkia Group 's development strategy to expand its expertise and to increase the range of services relevant to sustainable development. In this regard, Fenice Rus ' proven expertise in the construction and maintenance of Waste Water Treatment Plants gives an opportunity to enlarge Dalkia Group 's competencies and develop new business .


The EDF Group enters the Egyptian renewable energy market | EDF Afrique

The EDF Group, via its subsidiary EDF Energies Nouvelles, and the Elsewedy Electric group, have come together to design, build and operate two solar power plants in Egypt with a total capacity of 100 MWAC. This project marks the entry of the EDF Group onto the Egyptian renewable energy market... EDF Energies Nouvelles and the Elsewedy Electric group will be co- shareholders of both solar plants.

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Overview of EDF in North and South America

The EDF Group can benefit from the strong economic growth of the countries where it is present, and provides solutions to answer the needs of economies engaged in energy transitions and looking for low carbon models... In both North and South America, EDF has developed and operates world-class assets, delivering products and services that place the Group among the leaders in the region 's electricity industry.

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All press folders | EDF France

Innovation, a major lever in the RE strategy of the EDF Group. In video.


The EDF Group reaches a gigawatt of installed wind power in France | EDF France

For Antoine Cahuzac, Group Executive Director in charge of the Renewable Energy Division and Chief Executive Officer of EDF Energies Nouvelles, "As part of EDF' s CAP 2030 strategy, we have set ourselves the target of doubling our global installed capacity for renewable energy. To reach the milestone of one gigawatt of onshore wind power in France testifies to this commitment and represents an important step towards strengthening our position in France .

EDF Group signs a strategic partnership with Enbridge for the three first offshore wind farms projects off the French coast | EDF France

This is a fine example of what the Energy Transition for Green Growth law is trying to promote in France and it fits perfectly with CAP 2030, the strategy of the Group for the forthcoming years which aims at doubling its renewable energy capacity by 2030. Antoine Cahuzac, Senior Executive Vice President in Renewable Energies of EDF and Chief Executive Officer of EDF Energies Nouvelles added, "EDF has made another decisive step towards strengthening the development and efficiency of our renewables assets portfolio in France today .

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The ambitions of EDF Group, as a responsible and efficient electricity producer that champions low carbon growth, are consistent with its CAP 2030 strategy priorities. ---Proximity to customers and local communities; Low carbon generation, with a balanced mix of nuclear and renewable energy; International expansion . An action plan was presented to the Board of Directors which includes.

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