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EDF launches the 3rd edition of the EDF Pulse Africa Award Competition: call for projects targeting African SMEs and Start-ups from the 29th of May until 8th of July 2019 | EDF France

Selected projects will directly be entered into the final stage of the competition, which will take place in Paris. Entrants from the 47 other African countries will be pre- selected using the same criteria as in previous years via the on-line platform.

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In France, sales were down 4 8 % in organic terms due to the impacts of increased competition in a historically low price environment and mild weather... Sales were also penalised by the lack of volumes sold under ARENH and by the drop in sales to end customers due to increased competition; on whole.

Enerbee: the movement-based energy micro-generator - EDF Pulse Awards

The man behind the project, Jérôme Delamare, said at the time that even if his generator hadn't won the prize, just getting to that stage of the competition was already a victory in terms of media and business impact. After raising euros 2 5 million in March 2015, the company decided to focus on the heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market .

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Activities | EDF FR

EDF City Platform is a 3D complex system simulation platform specifically designed for the Housing Development Board (HDB) to evaluate the impacts of urban planning decisions at the master-planning stage. This trend creates a global issue of the potential of increasingly unsustainable cities in this region.

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