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Combined cycle gas turbine power plants | EDF France

A combined cycle gas turbine is composed of a combustion turbine (CT) and a steam turbine (ST) . To start with, natural gas drives the CT . Then the hot off-gases from the CT are used to produce steam, which is channelled to a second turbine, the ST . The CT and ST drive one or two alternators. The same quantity of fuel therefore generates electricity twice: once in the CT and once in the ST, thus improving the power plant's efficiency.

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EDF and GE sign a strategic cooperation agreement for the planned construction of 6 EPRs in India | EDF France

GE Power also has a long history of helping India produce power and we 're pleased that our ARABELLETM steam turbines** will be part of the solution to ensure reliable, CO2-free power for their growing economy. *The conventional island comprises all components and systems that are used for converting steam generated by the nuclear reactor into electrical power (all Turbine Hall systems and components including steam turbine, power generator, condenser, moisture separator-reheater system, auxiliary systems and power evacuation systems) .* The ARABELLE TM steam turbines- -either in operation or being manufactured- -represent about 50 GW of power globally.

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List of Outages | EDF France

Follow the Group's Financial information at 30 September 2020 -On Friday November 13th 2020 from 9: 00 am (Paris time) ... Follow the Group's Financial information at 30 September 2020 -On Friday November 13th 2020 from 9: 00 am (Paris time) ... List of Outages. List of outages and messages. List of Outages.

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Taishan nuclear power plant china

The first concrete was poured for the unit 1 nuclear island in November 2009 . At beginning of 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping unveiled a plaque to highlight that Taishan would be" the first EPR in the world". The development of the Taishan nuclear power plant is a significant milestone in EDF's partnerships building in China.

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Opening hours and access | Musée Electropolis

Everybody must allow themselves to be subject to visual security checks on request of the staff... In line with the measures taken by the government to prevent the spread of Covid- 19, the museum is closed from October 30 2020 until further notice... OPENING HOURS open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 1:30pm to 6:00pm . closed from 1st to 31st January, Mondays, Good Friday 1st May, 1st and 11th November, 25th and 26th December.

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EDF Pulse Africa Tour | EDF Pulse Africa

The seven lucky selected candidates will travel to Paris on the next 21 st of November in order to defend their project... 21 st of November.

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News | EDF Pulse Africa

Six months after the beginning of a challenge that mobilized more than 530 African entrepreneurs, the 10 finalists of EDF Pulse Africa gathered in Paris to promote their project in front of the Great Jury on November, the 21 st... Bi remains in the heart of the challenge and will come to Paris on the 21 st of November to try to win the first Prize and concretize its project.

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