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For example, EDF has developed off-grid activities in the Côte d' Ivoire, providing solar kits with pay-as-you-go systems for households, and has developed a 46MW power plant generating electricity from agriculture residue biomass (Biovea- Côte d' Ivoire) ,the biggest of its kind in Africa. Electricite De France (EDF Group) announced, that they have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with DUBAL Holding to explore possible collaboration in respect of the development of thermal power plants, grid connection systems, district cooling and sustainable energy solutions in the broader GCC, as well as "green" and electricity business opportunities in Brazil and elsewhere.

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News | EDF Afrique

"Building upon the success of our initial joint venture with EDF to provide solar solutions to households in Côte d' Ivoire, we 're excited to expand our partnership to Ghana. Ghana marks the fourth African country- in addition to Tanzania, Rwanda and Côte d' Ivoire -where Off Grid Electric has established market leadership ." said Xavier Helgesen, co- founder and CEO, Off Grid Electric .

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News | EDF Pulse Africa

As this is a solution that partly solves the electricity access issue, Frigo Solaire Photothermique is willing to spread its solution everywhere: public organisms, NGOs and households, either they are situated in Cameroon or soon in all Central Africa... As EDF Côte d' Ivoire, EDF's local concession, has initiated the event, it has decided to congratulate an Ivoirian project that is deeply and sustainably rooted in its environment.

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