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Our responsibility | EDF Cyclife

Cyclife France in its environment... Since 2004, the certification body AFAQ / AFNOR has issued Safety, Quality and Environment certificates to Cyclife France for all of its low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste treatment activities. Cyclife France's integrated management system is regularly reviewed and improved on the basis of operating experience, developments at company level, and changes in the industrial and regulatory environment.

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EDF Pulse Africa Tour | EDF Pulse Africa

For this third step, the start-up SETCH has been crowned by a jury composed by the French Ambassador in Ghana et the Special Advisor to the Minister of Environment, among others !... A social project meant to have a huge impact on local communities.

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AutonHome: the connected rehabilitation at home programme - EDF Pulse Awards

In light of this public health crisis, he decided to create, a connected rehabilitation programme at home for people suffering from cognitive disorders (such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease or from the effects of a stroke) . Its specific feature is that it offers personalised exercises based on augmented reality and on an innovative virtualisation of the patients ' familiar environment.

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EDF City Platform Project | EDF FR

This is done by simulating different initiatives and impacts of policies over decades, looking at built environment dimensions related to energy, climate change, environment and mobility... A second project was initiated together with SUTD as part of HDB's New Urban Kampung Research Programme to incorporate analytics and visualization functions linked to social / quality of life assessments into EDF City Platform.

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Our commitments | EDF FR

is a member company and signatory of the 10 th principles of the United Nations Global Compact on Human Rights, Workers ' Rights, the Environment and Anti- Corruption, which aims to establish an agenda of socio-economic and environmental commitments to improve quality of life and social inclusion.


CSR: Responsible development | EDF Group

Corporate social responsibility... This consultative council, joint and multi-disciplinary, gathers environment and climate experts, representatives of student, consumer, economist and solidarity actor groups... An ambitious environmental and social programme supports this future installation... This distinction recognises in particular the EDF commitment in terms of responsible design of its IT services, of digitalisation accessibility and of digitalisation innovations in favour of environment and of decrease in the impact of the IT tools.

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