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Health & Safety for EDF Staff

Delivered locally, the policy is binding for every Group company and each of their employees and service providers... Through accounts from various Group employees and service providers, a video and poster campaign present 10 essential rules to implant in our collective consciousness.

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Three years after being created, Electranova Capital invests in FirstFuel, a customer intelligence platform for energy providers | EDF FR

FirstFuel's Software as a Service (SaaS) platform applies advanced analytics to utility meter and business data, enabling energy providers to deliver highly personalized insights to all their business customers. The data platform performs detailed performance analysis of energy usage in every building- allowing energy providers to improve customer engagement, uncover new energy savings opportunities and deliver services such as energy efficiency, demand management and on-site generation at scale.

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Operation | EDF FR

EDF entrusts part of the maintenance work to outside service providers that are accredited on the basis of their technical capability, quality assurance system and financial soundness. This approval is regularly re- assessed .

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