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News | EDF Russie

In the next stage of the project, scaling of the electrolysis plant in the order of 700 MW is planned, for which the electricity will be generated by an offshore wind farm. The project work conducted as part of WESTKÜSTE100 will lay the foundation for this and create the necessary know-how .

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Westküste 100: a real-world laboratory for green hydrogen | EDF Allemagne

The next step in the project is establish an electrolysis plant capable of delivering up to 700 MW of power in the town of Heide. As part of the ambitious" Westküste 100" project, EDF is helping to test real-world solutions for a sustainable future using carbon-free hydrogen. The project brings together ten German partners, including our subsidiary Hymanics, to create a regional hydrogen economy in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

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