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Our News | EDF Cyclife

As with this large-scale project, for which the Cyclife France teams produced specifications for the manufacture of a customised container and a motorised low-bed trolley, designed by partners... Cyclife has been involved since the early stages of the project planning, applying Best Available Techniques, assessing the safe transport and disposal of drums.

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Energy research Asia: power generation research

The Chinese projects are focused on nuclear as well as clean and highly efficient thermal power generation, smart networks, urban energy planning and sustainable cities projects, energy efficiency and energy storage, concentrated solar power and integration of renewable energy in electric systems.

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Jean Bernard Levy's business trip in Morocco | EDF Afrique

Following the Marrakech COP 22, EDF is committed to developing its business to support the energy transition and economic development of the Kingdom of Morocco. Jean Bernard Levy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, attended the 20 th anniversary of EDF's presence in Morocco on 5 and 6 January in Casablanca and Rabat.

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Renewable Energy in the North and South America

utility scale- the Catalina Solar Project... EDF Renewable Energy is a leader in the wind energy industry, having developed over 7 800 MW of wind projects... In South America, the company entered the renewable energy market with the creation of EDF EN do Brasil and is building its first project, Ventos da Bahia with a capacity of 70 MW . At the last option in December, it has won another project of 113 MW that will be built in the coming months.

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Renewables | Émirats Arabes Unis

The 400- megawatt (MW) utility-scale project Dumat Al Jandal is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's first wind farm and the largest in the Middle East... In 2020, EDF Renewables and Jinko Power Technology Co Ltd began the construction of Al Dhafra photovoltaic project... It is the first power plant of this scale to use bifacial modules and sun-trackers, optimizing the energy generation by 30 %.

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You are among the experts selected to bring their eyes on the different projects of the 2018 edition, how do you perceive your mission ? This is a great opportunity that EDF offers me, because entrepreneurs need both visibility and funding; this type of awards allows them to better work on their projects and make them" bankable" and especially to be highlighted.

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Distributed Power Africa and EDF extend partnership to South Africa | Afrique du Sud

This partnership represents an opportunity for EDF to deliver comprehensive and low-carbon energy solutions suitable for African C & I needs, and allows us to enlarge our portfolio of activities on the continent where we already have large hydro power projects under development, and are invested in a portfolio of off-grid companies.


Chili | Chili

EDF is leading the development of large-scale Pumped Storage projects to accelerate the decarbonization process. With more than 70 years of experience in France, an expanding presence world-wide and a broad portfolio of competences, EDF aims to become a key player in Chiles ' energy transition, a professional supplier in renewable energies and storage, a provider of smart services and a partner for developing innovative solutions.

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Apprenticeship: being an EDF apprentice

At EDF, the success of this course is based on the commitment of more than 5 000 tutors, including yours, who will be at your side every step of the way, throughout the year, to guide you, answer your questions and guide you throught your projects... a salary ranging from 45 100 % of the minimum wage depending on your age and level of education (link to pay scale.

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Collective self-consumption: producing and consuming renewable energy locally | EDF FR

The organisation and management of such a project can sometimes be complex. This is why the EDF Group has developed simple and innovative solutions to optimise and facilitate your collective self-consumption projects, and to help you manage their scale... Our solutions are modular and configurable in order to adapt to each project and type of organisation.

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EDF City Platform Project | EDF FR

A list of possible urban solutions that can be implemented at the household, building, precinct, neighbourhood or town levels is defined at the appropriate implementation scale. A second project was initiated together with SUTD as part of HDB's New Urban Kampung Research Programme to incorporate analytics and visualization functions linked to social / quality of life assessments into EDF City Platform.

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