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3 4 Adjusted for interest payments on hybrid issues booked in equity Excluding Linky and new developments net of disposals 2 PRESS RELEASE 10 May 2016 Board of Directors ' meeting held on 22 April 2016 During its meeting held on 22 April 2016... a capital increase project via rights issue of approximately 4 billion.

Update on EDF's nuclear plants | EDF FR

EDF has continued to discuss the technical issues of this case with the Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (French nuclear safety authority) over the last few weeks... These same checks will be carried out on the seals in question in the steam reactors at Blayais 3 (May 2020) ,Bugey 3 (April 2020) ,Dampierre 4 (January 2020) and Paluel 2 (26 October 2019) ,during their next scheduled shutdown for fuel reloading, without any need to expect these shutdowns to last any longer to carry out these checks.

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Equality at work, the EDF way

At EDF, we strive to make sure that our recruitment and career development processes are free from discrimination, and offer the same opportunities to all of our staff... EDF is constantly working on making social issues a top priority, on topics like wages, career opportunities and access to training.

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Collective self-consumption: producing and consuming renewable energy locally | EDF FR

It allows locally-produced electricity to be shared between producers and consumers connected to the public distribution network, within the same geographical area... Our know-how covers all the issues surrounding your project: decentralised means of production, storage solutions, electric vehicle charging stations.

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