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Accident prevention | EDF FR

Three safety barriers between the fuel and the environment... THREE SAFETY BARRIERS BETWEEN THE FUEL AND THE ENVIRONMENT... Prevention, monitoring, safety barriers, emergency drills: based on international lessons learnt, the Group is adopting an increasing number of measures to prevent accidents and ensure the best possible level of safety at its power plants.

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Our responsibility | Cyclife

Cyclife is focused on combining technical and economic performance with sustainable improvements in nuclear safety, industrial safety, radiation protection and environmental management... ISO 9001 (obtained in 2005), demonstrating the company's commitment to placing continuous improvement at the heart of its management approach; and OHSAS 18001 (obtained in 2006), in recognition of its focus on workplace health and safety.

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HySiLabs: the technology that revolutionizes the transport of hydrogen

Far from being content with this inevitability, Vincent Lome and Pierre Emmanuel Casanova were just university students when they made a discovery that will help lift this barrier: by carrying hydrogen with a liquid vector, we can deploy it more easily (and over long distances !), we avoid the dangers of gas and we get rid of high pressure storage bottles.

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