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Promote diversity within the enterprise - EDF Luminus

As a result, EDF Luminus promotes development and career opportunities, regardless of gender, country of origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation or age... To help the EDF Luminus staff better receive people with disabilities, (in French) has been distributed among the staff members, as reserve or inexperience may sometimes result in inappropriate reactions to persons with a disability who just want to make themselves useful.

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Cyclife at the 13th edition of Kontec | EDF Cyclife

The waste led dismantling followed by treatment and clearance resulted in a minimum of waste for disposal. Of the 658 tons of waste, classified radioactive, or potentially radioactive.

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Clarifications on Hinkley Point C project | EDF Asie

The estimated additional costs2 result mainly from a better understanding of the design adaptated to the requirements of the British regulators, the volume and sequencing of work on site and the gradual implementation of supplier contracts. EDF 's projected rate of return (IRR) is now estimated at about 8 5 % compared to about 9 % initially .

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EDF Luminus - energy producer in Belgium

As a result, EDF Luminus has become market leader in renewable energy, both in hydropower and onshore wind power. NOx emissions of 0 08 g / kWh.

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EDF management team in North and South America

Under his leadership, Poland became a priority country for the EDF Group resulting in more than doubling the investment program to over euros 550 million for 2014. Previously, Philippe worked at EDF Energy, a subsidiary of the EDF Group in the United Kingdom, from 1999 to 2008 . During his tenure in the UK, he held several positions which included Managing Director Major Business where he was responsible for the largest sales operations to business consumers in the UK . He also served as Head of Corporate Finance and M&A for this subsidiary from 1999 to 2002 .

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News | EDF Afrique

This signature is the result of the negotiation of 4 contracts, including in particular the purchase of electricity, the connection to the public electricity transmission network and the dispatch of electrical energy. This signing marks an important step in the implementation of the Nachtigal project foreseen by the Electricity Sector Development Plan .

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